Help with English, grammar and languages.

I am an expert in grammar and the English language, with advanced degrees and publications in English and linguistics and many years of professional experience teaching English, grammar, linguistics and English as a second language (ESL), and I have studied dozens of languages.

I can help you with English, grammar, writing and many languages. Contact me with with your questions, or contact me here for award-winning online lessons in English, ESL, French and grammar and in SAT® and TOEFL® preparation or here for help with linguistics. And click here to view my dictionary of Canadian French.

I can also check your documents and Web sites for compliance with the rules of Standard Written English for just 0.01 USD per word.

Sample Questions and Answers

Here are the kinds of questions I can answer for you; just click on each link to see my answer:

You can also view the many language questions I've answered at ASKfm and Preply.

About Me

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Language Trivia Challenge

Currently on hiatus, this section will present a new question every day on some interesting fact about languages, the English language, grammar, words etc. To be notified when the Language Trivia Challenge starts up again, follow on Twitter, or like or friend English Consulting and Language Reference Services on Facebook.

In the meantime, here are some past Language Trivia Challenge questions and answers:


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